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Surgical Partners wins BlueChilli Healthtech competition

Surgical Partners features in startup daily, excerpt:

Sydney startup Surgical Partners looks to streamline payment systems for practices and their doctors
While many industries are moving from paper and pen to computer and keyboard, the healthcare system is still very much entrenched in manual practices with a range of alternative systems meshed together to get a job done.

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Practice management software helps doctors focus on patients

Surgical Partners featured on The Australian Business Review, excerpt:

Marcus Wilson thinks he can make big bucks from medical waste. But not the kind you think.
He wants to take a scalpel to the bloated back office functions that tie up medical accounting, and result in doctors wasting time on paperwork.

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Medical Director + Surgical Partners


We are proud to announce our partnership with MedicalDirector, that will soon integrate their Pracsoft and Blue Chip clients with our friends Xero, MYOB & Intuit! It is a very exciting time for medical practice efficiency- Surgical Partners is opening up a range of back office workflow automation opportunities for practice owners & managers. Further information here or contact Surgical Partners to learn more!

Link to Ep 26. Cloud Stories

Ep.26 Marcus Wilson of Surgical Partners – Cloud integration for practice management systems


So Marcus, why did you start Surgical Partners?

I started Surgical Partners to address a gap in the market. There didn’t seem to be any integrator services in the healthcare industry that I could see. There was certainly nothing listed on the Xero site. To be honest, I’ve yet to come across any organised operation since then. So there still seems to be a wide open opportunity.

I guess where it all started for me was using Xero as a healthcare provider, as a healthcare client, and wanting to get the best out of that, to integrate it with the practice management system that we use, and to start using the Xero ecosystem to get other efficiencies across our business workflow.

I guess from benefitting from that ecosystem directly and through integrating our practice management system with Xero which was a very lengthy process, that got us familiar with the opportunity for ourselves, and once we started talking about it we realised that no one else was really benefitting from this, so Surgical Partners was created to address that very opportunity.

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